About Us


Our Work

No amount of Technology purchase will enable an organisation for Digital. Instead, re-focusing the business and technology investment portfolio in needed. Guiding “process and service” change to “Digital Value” delivery enables organisation to succeed in the Digital Economy.

Arqitek uses Architecture-based re-alignment to transition organisation Capability Portfolio for Digital Success. Beyond consulting reports, we help clients take charge of their Business and Technology Architecture as the foundation of their Digital Journey.

As a niche Architecture Management Organisation, Arqitek enables “Practical Digital Transformation” across government and commercial organisations. Arqitek is the Architecture Management Division within the Exceeders group of companies.

Our Philosophy

We measure our success in terms of “Practical Client Operational Improvements”. We only seek to engage in delivery assignments where we can contribute “Practical Value”. Our services seek to thoroughly analyse contextual value factors to drive improvements.

We leverage diverse Enterprise Alignment Planning Techniques to understand Value dependencies in a fast Digitalising Economy. Our Vision is to realise “Systematic Organisation Improvement for every client”. Our Mission is to plan and realise “Practical Digital Transformation Use Cases”

Our Expertise

The Arqitek approach centers on Architecture-based Enterprise Alignment and Portfolio Improvement for Digital. This requires a meticulous coordination of Organisational Change Disciplines and Improvement Techniques:

  • Digital Planning: Understanding New Business Models
  • Strategic Planning: Contextual Organisation Positioning
  • Enterprise Architecture: Systematic Coordination of Capabilities
  • Customer Experience: Cross-Channel Customer Engagements
  • Digital Services: Digital Services Orchestration across Domains
  • Portfolio Analysis: Investment Rationalisation and Optimisation
  • Performance Controls: Practical Tracking of Business Outcomes
  • Application Lifecycle: Management of Business Automation
  • Enterprise Analytics: Data and Intelligence Management
  • Change & Adoption: Engagement and Benefits Realisation
  • Organisation Governance: Enterprise Priorities & Decisions

Our Framework

Arqitek offers Architecture-based “Transformation Management Solutions” (TMS) for “Practical Improvements”. We bring together established best practices with in-context use cases application to deliver specific improvement.

Our approach has focused on managing change and adoption with stakeholder engagement for the practical realization of benefits. Arqitek TMS is a unique approach for organizations to digitally improve "quality of service and operational".


Our Team

Project Delivery Architects at Arqitek apply Architectural Planning and Alignment techniques throughout the delivery of every client task and assignment.

Program Delivery Architects engage with Business and Technology Stakeholders to orchestrate complex initiatives with practical improvements and impacts.

Framework Deliver Architects compile, plan and enable cross-discipline methodologies to ensure context-specific value is managed and delivered throughout a project.

Solution Delivery Architects design and oversee the deployments of automating technology systems as part of organisation capability and processing improvement initiatives.

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